A Mantra For All To See The Universe As 1


"Shifting the collective perspective toward positive intent"



We plan to shift the perspective of the collective awareness toward positive intent through a simple visual word puzzle. The first part of the puzzle ‘I AM’ positioned above ‘No 1’ translates to ‘I am above no one’. The second part of the puzzle ‘I AM’ positioned below ‘No 1’ translates to ‘I am below no one’. This converts the puzzle into the foundational phrase that is our inspiration. Through our belief, having this perspective knocks down the barriers of identity and rips apart the limitations of labels. Expanding this awareness is key to raising our vibration and amassing the positive shift in awareness that this world deserves. We are above no one and we are below no one. Be apart of the shift and proclaim this awareness so that our world can vibrate at the highest frequency. 


We are here to remind those who have forgotten the true nature of oneness. We believe that no matter the identity nor the label each individual carries, we are all one. Cut from the same cloth. Molded from the same clay. Chiseled by the same tool. In this awareness we remind all that seeing with your eyes is not the only way to perceive the world around you. Look deeper into sight and engage the heart to uncover the true nature of the world we all are a part of.


Look into the mirror and see all things in creation. In this awareness we believe that giving to those less fortunate is the same as helping ourselves raise our vibration. It is our intension to help those in need by setting aside $4.44 for each shirt sold to dedicate the proceeds to organizations involved in this positive shift and individuals who are in need. Be a part of our inspiration and our helping hand will extend further and further.

Inspire The Spark

This slideshow was created for our first event at Virginia Volleyball Center for the Youth Ladies Tournament in Northern Virginia. Conect with a quote and give us a shout on Instagram or Twitter #iamno1iam